Spring/Summer 2017 Campaign


Denis Gagnon’s 2017 Spring/Summer collection will make you travel around Asia and its breathtaking scenery. The strong Japanese inspiration behind the collection’s fabrics, such as pleated satin, chiffon, crêpe and extravagant sequins, takes over the designer’s creative universe, him being a true fan of Oriental delicacies.

When it comes to silhouettes, one can expect cinched pieces, while being very practical and comfortable. The pleated fabric remains on the fashion scene this Summer: the designer skillfully integrated this material full of flow in the many dresses, skirts and pants of the collection.

While Denis Gagnon’s love for black will always last, the designer decided to have fun and to explore different avenues for this collection: one can discover hints of beige, gold and white here and there in the many pieces designed by Gagnon.

The 2017 Spring/Summer collection can be defined as über-chic, all while being simple. Of course, the Denis Gagnon avant-garde touch, which has been his signature for the past 20 years, can also be found in this collection.

Crédit photo: Juan Palacio